How to fast-track your Kimpton Status.

kimpton amenity

It’s the most wonderful time of the year at Kimpton!

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Wow! Amazing Avios award availability to Hawaii this summer.

avios hawaii

There is incredible award availability to Hawaii from the West Coast for this summer! I’m surprised, delighted…and going!

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Get a pair of luxury leggings for just the cost of shipping.

girlfriend collective

Girlfriend Collective – a new direct-to-consumer brand – is so sure you’re going to love what they’ve got that they’ll send you a pair of leggings for free!

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Apparently I found a secret offer from Amex.


According to Amex, I received an offer that didn’t exist. What the heck happened?

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Southwest offering free flights? Really?

Screenshot 2016-08-08 16.30.33

Have you seen this link floating around on Facebook? Spoiler alert: it’s a scam!

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Flight delayed? Want $50? How about $1000?

berkshire hathaway

Aircare is a fabulous thing to have in your travel toolkit. If you’ve ever got a hunch that a flight might be delayed, you can put money on that hunch and purchase a quick bit of insurance. For about the cost of a meal and a drink at the airport, you can create a situation where you’re getting paid to sit on the tarmac or miss your connection.

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Ten second tip: how to find the best time to go to Disneyland.

disneyland crowd

Planning a trip to Disneyland? Now it’s easy to find the best date for your trip.

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Have you tried the Kimpton Secret Password yet?

kimpton secret social password

The Kimpton secret password is back! Have you tried it yet?

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I just pocketed $40 from Amazon! How much have you saved today?

amazon prime

Tomorrow is Prime Day on Amazon. What does that mean? Basically, it’s their own “Christmas in July” (or to be more specific, “Black Friday in July.”). In other words, it’s a deal extravaganza, and it starts Tuesday, July 12, at 3 am EDT. All of the deals are for Prime members […]

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Girlfriend Getaway to Austin – Keeping It Weird


My good friend Ginger and I meet up every year for a weekend of fabulousness.
This year’s pick was Austin. It did not disappoint.

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